Collection: Galaxy Cases Genjikou no Zu

"Kodo" is the Japanese tradition of burning fragrant woods according to a certain method and enjoying and appreciating their fragrance. "Genjiko" is one of the styles. Five packets of each of five kinds of incense are made, 25 packets in total, and five packets are taken out at will and burned. These illustrations are called "Genjikou no Zu" . There are 52 different illustrations, each named after one of the 54 chapters of The Tale of Genji, except "Kiritsubo" and "Yume no ukibashi". In kodo, the expression "to smell the fragrance" is not used, but "to hear the fragrance" is used.

This Samsung Galaxy phone case features "Genjikou no Zu," which is thought to have been created during the Kyoho period (1716-1736) and has been used on kimonos and Japanese sweets since ancient times. It is available in a variety of colors in traditional Japanese colors.